True Stories








Shelley Marie“The Cure” has been a lifeline for me.   After 9 surgeries; including two on my lower back, my pain levels were out of control.  After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, peripheral neuropathy and a destroyed lower back, the medications prescribed by my Doctors were also making me very ill.   Last December, I was able to discontinue use of Morphine, Ativan and Cymbalta with no withdrawals whatsoever with the use of medical marijuana.  My pain levels went from an 8 down to a 3 on the pain scale. “Being able to go to a safe environment to control my pain levels is invaluable to my well being




I just wanted to say what I pleasant experience I had at your facility. Your store setup is very professional and the staff is equally professional. I did try several of your products and would recommend The Cure to anyone. The caviar was excellent ( hope you have more in the future) and of course the medicine is top notch. I hope to try your hash oil soon. Thanks again for making The Cure the only place I will go.   John C.