Consultation & Recommendation

Grow Room Consultation starts here!

We offer a full selection of services to help you in every area of the medical marijuana industry. Let our knowledgeable and friendly members help you with your growing needs. We have monthly maintenance programs and classes on everything from cloning to harvesting and curing. Unlike a dispensary who sells you weak and untested plants, we provide you the healthiest plants available and the instruction needed from start to finish to ensure your success. We offer a FREE initial consultation where we can assess your grow operation and suggest a plan to get you back to optimal efficiency. Most growers make the mistake of micro managing or gathering too much information from many different sources which only add to the confusion.

CannaPath strive’s to do our best to help fit our specific patient needs. Weather that be cannabis authorization, or alternative therapies, at Canna Path we find the right Pain Management Alternative for you.

In today’s medical practice it is common place to prescribe patients strong and addictive opiates to deal with pain. We at Canna Path know that is it not the right plan for everyone, we help you to find an appropriate Pain Management Alternative that fits with you.